Monday, March 23, 2009

still alive,

i have barely been online in the last week, and i have been horribly ignoring all of my journals/profiles/staus updates/and all other meaningless internet things. oh well.
anyways, an update:
1. fame is finally over, which i am very happy and very sad about. there was lots of misunderstandings and my fingers were sore from how much sewing i did, but it was fun and nice and all worth it because being apart of shows is always amazing.
2. lots of people have been coming to me for help and i really like that i can be that trusted.
3. in the past month i hated everything that i thought/said/did. i found that all of me was boring/unoriginal/or cynical. i didnt want people to think those things of me, so i basically said nothing for a couple days. everything i did would be torn up or erased or regretted. i kept on writing things that i never published. i think thats over, but if this is gone in the next couple hours the i guess its not.
4. school is great and i cannnnt wait until next year.
5. today i bought a big plant today and i reaaaally want to keep this one alive.
6. jason took me on the best date yesterday, AND he cleaned my room when i was super stressed about the show... best boyfriend ever.
7. my sister is stranded in frankfurt, i wish i was her.
8. i really, really want to travel somewhere soon. ive realized that i should not wait to be financially stable to do the things i want to do, because by that time i wont be able to. i should really do what i want right now, so im going to.
9. the weather is nice so im not a snowbird anymore.
10. and i have 2 papers due this week. time to work.

hopefully i will write more soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


it has been a wonderful day.
(there is no snow anymore)

Monday, March 9, 2009

far too uninteresting,

i dont like who i am becoming.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

re: ::

saddest post ever. im sorry she has gone because of me :(