Saturday, May 23, 2009

the greatest compliment,

today my little girl neighbour told me i look like belle!
i wish, i wish.

Friday, May 22, 2009

summer days spent,

this summer is much better then the last. i have myself a new job - i am working at a candy factory. poetic, i think.
a delightful cast of characters accompany me. my neighbour and childhood best friend meaghan - with whom i share many memories of the past with (running into each other with sleeping bags! the little slide in her basement! getting pushed into pools! the little house/shed in her backyard! our crazy puppies playing with each other! and all of those nights our parents tucked us away and out of their hair). there are the ladies from newfoundland, whos accents completely devour everything they say and make them very funny to listen too. there is lola; the older, playful and leggy lady who always makes wonderful faces and sticks out her tongue at everyone. there's goreta from chile - quiet, with thick eyebrows and thighs, a mole on her lip and a voice of low baritone. there are the many old asian women who all have english names, madelina, rachelle and em - they are very hard to understand but adorable and delicate. and last but not least, there is 19 year old rambo - named after the sylvester stallone movie! amazing.
i hope that these months at home bring happiness and rest. the past two summers were terrible, because i was surrounded by horrible people and never got the chance to sleep or see anyone i loved. those days turned me into something awful and changed me completely. i hope that will never happen again.
lately i have learned that happiness truly is much, much more important than money.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

he was full of tenderness;
she was very hard.
and as much as she tried to stay thus,
simply, and with no good reason,
he took her into himself,
and set her down
in the softest, softest place.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

he's always there.