Monday, January 5, 2009

underlined: the sea remains the unthinkable birth and death

on a happier note,
i really love pretty stories of a boy and a girl who cannot touch. sometimes drowning yourself in a scene is okay, as long as you dont ever forget the life that brought you there.
tonight "womens poetry in france (1965-1995)" was my favorite read (thank you, lovely girl!). it was best with fuzzy bathrobes and wet, sweet smelling shower hair. ive misplaced my glasses, so my eyes were trying to squeeze the letters right off the pages! (and it worked pretty well). i have found that those numbered 33, 107, and 201 are the best for my current state of heart.
la mer reste l'impensable naissance et mort

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brianna irene bijman said...

and to think, that is what i read for homework!