Saturday, October 24, 2009


last night i had a dream about my grandmother. she had come to see us, and my whole family scrambled together - we were all aching to see her. she had longer hair then before, it was down to her shoulders (like when she was young). we laughed and cried and hugged and ate. we were so happy, but so scared because we knew that in any moment she would disappear.
i caught her up on my life, she giggled and kissed me and said that she was proud, goodbye. then i awoke.
maybe this is the only way she can visit, i don’t know if i will ever see her again. for how can a mind exist without matter? how does a thought exist without the means to formulate it? it just does not follow. how can someone love while having nothing to contain it?

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two queens said...

the same thing happens to me
just let it happen,
we cant understand everything but this doesnt mean it isnt real or to be cherished.