Friday, October 1, 2010

im sorry i have been away, i do that quite often. im not sure if i was ever missed or noticed... does anyone read this? oh well.
i have started life again in the same city that i have resided for the past four years. out of school, and finished obligatory studies, i have immersed myself into the world of work and early sleep. in my few moments off, i have been distracted by a knitting club (stitch and bitch), listening to my favourite songs over and over (on a good day), and a few period films (about poets, silk).
im still unsure of what i am doing here, and why i ever chose to stay - but im hoping this town will keep me safe and satisfied. i am working at a popular downtown cafe, and making a number of new friends and having fabulous chats with random strangers and regular customers. i this i have missed out on so much of this city while i was in school, so hopefully this year i will be able to re-discover it.
i just hope it is all worthwhile?