Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i am finally finished my first semester of third year. the past two months have been awful because of the incredible amount of school work i have had to do - ive never had to write so many papers in my life! big or small, my final count was roughly 30 for the semester. i think it might have even been more then that. it does seems my hard work has paid off and lately i am feeling infinitely smarter then i ever have before, but i just really hope i never have to go through that again.
now for the next month, i will not have to think about nietzche, kant, frege, malinowski, or wittgenstien at all! (but god knows i will still think of those impoverished, sexualized carribs or the slaves of major corporations in africa.)

my celebrations are less exciting then most. i will simply lie back with my favorite tea in hand, my favorite song repeating in my headphones and the best chocolate i can find. while among my dirty and tangled sheets and my softly lit tea lights, i will stare at the dark celling and bask (for hours) in the lovely tranquility of calm.

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