Thursday, September 18, 2008

green eyes.

faces are very strange. more and more lately, ive found myself changing my mind about people after i find out what their faces look like. i may not make sense. 

when i love a certain singer, and i dont know what they look like, i love that their music has an air of mystery to it. i love that i know nothing about them other then the the words they sing... yet if i figure out what they look like, no matter handsome or ugly, my ideas change about them and they are no longer the same in my mind. their creations become entirely different, and instead of it being some mystical and intangible they turn ordinary. this just happened to me with an artist that ive been looking at lately. whenever i looked at her art i always took specific features from her portraits and created a person of my own. my creation was exactly who i thought she should be, based on her art and her mind. of course, no one can reach an ideal, but i liked the fact that she had an identity that may or may not have been real. i liked that she was an enigma. 

its not that reality is disappointing, i just that faces are too real. they allow you to know too much. 

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