Wednesday, September 17, 2008

view from my window

(this will be my 365 blog. i will publish an piece of writing (mine or not) or submit a piece of art or a photograph (mine or not) every day of the next year (hopefully). this will be a lot less mysterious then my other online journals... and less mysterious may mean less compelling. i hope someone actually reads this.)

i realized that, as of late, i never record my thoughts. i used to write down most things that went through my head, but life got too busy and i forgot about my past attempts to freeze time and explain myself. i started this blog a couple months ago, and never wrote in it. i promise myself today that i will try (try try try) to write at least one thing down for 365 days. i know i may miss a day or two, but thats okay. i just want to remember what this part of my life was like. 

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Rishi said...

go on.. all the best!