Tuesday, September 23, 2008

we play endlessly

i have not written in a few days, oh well. i swear, its not because i havnt been inspired.
last night i saw sigur ros... it was a dream.
(for me, their music is an assembly of nostalgia, fear and sensuality. i remember the first time i heard them. lying on the floor with all of my old best friends, heads on each others shoulders and bellies, our bodies still for the 11:45 that is ( )'s 8th song. some of us cried and others fell into sleep. that was the best summer i ever had. in highschool all of my fantasies were always alongside sigur ros songs. every wish that i had would sweep into crescendos and match those majestic melodies and quivering voices. they were always hard and soft, loud and quiet, a lion and a lamb. the music always made me feel like i fit.)
i have paint all over my knees, face and hands.
i was trying to go back to the dream. 

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