Friday, November 14, 2008

i dont ever want any of my friends to feel like they are alone or unworthy. so many of them have been hurt lately, and my heart just aches for them. i want to strive to be a really great friend because so many people in my life really need that right now.
they need someone to keep their hearts, and i dont want to leave any of them behind. i want to hold them and cry for them and stay up with them all night to talk. i always want them to feel like they are loved and that they have someone to confide in. i want them to really experience the good in life and to see how much they are cared for and appreciated. i want them to know the truth.

lately, i am immersed within the people i love. in their times of need i have realized one thing:
friends, you are my home.

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Endofmarch said...

This is beautiful.
I wish everybody felt like that for all the people they love.
The ones you love are very lucky to have such a good friend as you. :)