Saturday, November 8, 2008

the idea of a 365 journal is silly. i cant be bothered to write something on here 7 days a week. as youve seen, i have gone days and days without writing and it makes me feel bad. so now, this is just a normal journal. mmhmm.

as of late:
our one toilet broke and flooded our whole upstairs twice this week (pee everywhere!). our streets power went off all day today. ive no money for food. our heater is always breaking. the water sounds like a shooting gun because there is perma-air in the pipes. our oven burns cakes at 200 degrees. there are too many house centipedes. our walls are so cracked. there is too much mold. our shower drain is plugged so its like we are always having a bath. all of our lights flicker.
yet, i dont mind at all.
i love where i live.

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